Chris & Alice – Adelaide, South Australia

This was the last wedding for us before COVID19 changed the world and changed the wedding industry forever.

Chris & Alice held their wedding mid-March in Adelaide, right before the Australian government reduced wedding sizes to 5 people maximum indoors. We were able to do this when the ruling was at 100 or less indoors.

A vintage inspired pre-wedding shoot for the couple and their 2 lovely children to invoke the nostalgic ways of luxury travel in Asia decades ago, set the tone for what was to come on the wedding day itself.

But there was a sense of uncertainty throughout the day, a feeling of apprehension yet mixed with happiness and joy for the couple. With some relatives even flying over from Asia whilst it was still legal to do so. But formalities such as hand shaking were replaced with elbow bumps and bows, it was indeed a strange time and feeling for all of us coming together.

Despite it all, it was a beautiful day for all who witnessed it, and even more so for the groomsmen who all received a pair of Nike Jordans as their presents on the morning of the wedding, you don’t see that every day!

Well done Chris & Alice for managing to hold your special day before the world changed, and we were all glad to have experienced it with both of you. 

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