About Me

There are three things I love in life – traveling, creating beautiful images, and eating donuts. In no particular order.

When I talk about photography and creating simple or complex images – I talk about lighting and props and conveying the mood to the viewer. The camera and lens itself, is just a tool for me and nothing more. I had learnt to embrace and love colours and compositions since an early age – and it translates into my photography work across all mediums, be it a wedding day or a fashion shoot or trekking in a frigid, remote part of the Himalayas.

Having photographed work in Africa, Central and North America, Europe, Asia and Australia – I do my best work up close to my subjects – where one can truly see and feel the emotions not just in their face and body language, but in their eyes. Visit my travel blog for more personal stories and tips at http://www.wanderingasianguy.com.

See you somewhere up the mountain:)


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