Somewhere along the Annapurna trail in the Himalaya ranges in Nepal, around 2014 or so – I was thinking about my future – should I go back to the Australian Army again to pick up where I had left off, or continue with photography after 5 successful years in wedding and fashion work? It was hard to think as I was struggling for air and muscle fatigue climbing up all day.

Fast forward to the end of 2022, and I am still here – still reaching for the camera bag weekly for clients, and about to finish my 3rd passport from all the extensive travels for work and fun since 2008.

The freedom and independence one achieves as a photographer, can never be surpassed by being back in uniform again or most jobs in the world. I had missed my mates and the training and laughter and hardships we endured, but it meant I would never be free to wake up and fly somewhere on a whim or take up an international client job at any given time. I also wouldn’t have met Lysa.

The better half of me is also a part of my photography endeavour, she serves as a posing coach with her extensive modelling experience, a great communicator and lighting assistant, and a second photographer when the need arises. My wife and I travel the world to create art for our clients, and it does not feel like work – when you are having fun together.

The themes of travel such as Aviation and Maritime feature regularly in our works throughout the years, because its an expression of freedom and wandering – much like both our spirits. Combined with our influences in photographing fashion – and infusing it with wedding photography – it makes for a distinct look that we are known for.

People ask me what are my most memorable experiences or best places to have seen or worked in? It is a question I find too hard to answer, because the memories are too extensive and vast to recollect and summarize in a few sentences. From scuba diving in Vanuatu with wedding clients for their pre-wedding shoot, to spending a few days on a camel wandering the Gobi Desert in Mongolia for a story, to the streets of New Orleans for a mens shoot, to positioning the wedding couple in front of a castle in Germany as a backdrop – there are far too many memorable experiences.

But below are a small collection of our Behind-The-Scenes photos from Australia and around the world – to showcase what we get up to for work with clients and colleagues and even strangers.