World weary, frayed pages of my passport, dirt encrusted backpack and shoes, a fully charged camera and phone. Always be ready in a moment’s notice, because who knows where life will take you next. Many life times are required to see this planet in its full glory. I have but one life time, and I hope to make the most of it.


There is no place like Asia. Once upon a time I fell in love with the far East, and I became a traveler, a rolling stone. Stepping out onto the crowded streets of Hong Kong, underneath the neon vista of Tokyo, winding through the banana plantations of Malaysia, pass the temple ruins of Angkor Wat, along the biting China winter, and down south to the islands of Ha Long Bay.

I was lost for a moment. Lost in the euphoria before my eyes. Where colours and people and sights merge together to create the most diverse continent on Earth. So many faces I have seen, so many places I touched; and so many memories that I will cherish or haunt me until I have moved on.

I have witnessed tragedy, human suffering, saw hope where there was no hope left, and admired the human spirit and strength when all was lost. I became desensitized to it all…..But I remember the smiles, of children and of adults and of people dying. A single smile can bring so much to this world. I wished people would smile a lot more.

This is a testament to all that came before my eyes in Asia. When I came to my senses, I saw something. Happiness is hard to find, how can a 3rd world person be more happy than a high paying executive in a Western country? I realised that they have found their place in the world, and have accepted it, and started enjoying life.

This planet is not lonely, for Asia is life incarnate – where the titanic collision between cultures, ideologies, religions, and the different grades of fake Gucci bags come together to form the greatest kaleidoscope on Earth.

This is my home.

March 2010