Matt & Donna – Adelaide, South Australia

If I had to pick a wedding over 2019 to round out the end of the year and into a new decade, it would be this one with Matt & Donna, and the stories before and after the wedding.

Donna was not your usual bride-to-be leading up to her wedding day – she was actually in Iraq with her brother and sister performing in the band The Babes, entertaining our Australian troops for two weeks and donning body armour and having a security detail with them everywhere they went, and only arriving back to Adelaide a week before her wedding day.

But what a wedding that was! One of those classy, fairy tale weddings with a touch of vintage that many wedding photographers would love to do. But what happened after the wedding caught all of us by surprise.

On the way to the reception, Matt & Donna asked me to come by Cafe Vili’s quickly for some photos – thats where they had first laid eyes on each other and met, thus holding an immense deal of sentimentality. For those not from Adelaide, Cafe Vili’s is a famous institution for locals as it is open 24 hours a day serving fresh bakery products.

What we did not expect was to see the Cafe Vili’s photos picked up by Australian TV shows and news stations, and played across the country over the course of the next week. It was a very nice surprise for the couple whenever they were enjoying their honeymoon in Hawaii.

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