A city that needs no introductions, where the streets and boulevards are immortalized across cinema, art, theatre and popular culture over the centuries. The city where couples inevitably end up in their lifetimes, this is Paris.

Joonee & Irene both come from Melbourne, Australia and had never been to Paris before, and they booked me a long time ago for a full day pre-wedding session in this city of romance. As for me, I have family here and know the city well, so I was more than happy to act as their photographer and occasional tour guide. I had just finished another pre-wedding shoot a few days earlier on the Normandy coast of France, so was looking forward to viewing Paris through my camera lenses.

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities in the world for wedding photography, and it was common for us to see other wedding parties throughout the day at various locations around the city centre.

But I wanted to approach this in a different light – to create a more cinematic feel, than the usual bright and colourful look. I envisioned something that resembled stills from a film, to set the mood and tone that represent the city in both its modern approach and classical heritage.

I hope you enjoy viewing this as much as we enjoyed walking its streets.