We entered the apex period of the wedding season with Adrian & Samantha – where the term ‘COVID normal’ became the norm from this moment onwards – not just here in the beautiful rolling hills of Mclaren Vale, but across the world for all wedding couples tying the knot with cautious optimism, with a belief that we can all pull through these periods of uncertainty together, as humanity always does.

Do we hug? Do we shake hands with strangers and friends? How do we maintain a safe social distance during a wedding, a time of love and intimacy and laughter? This was what ‘COVID normal’ encompassed – a desire to follow the rules to see it through, and a desire to celebrate life and love together after some of the most trying times in life for many.

No matter, love conquers all – and nothing stopped Adrian & Samantha on that windy afternoon in Mclaren Vale with family and loved ones far and near.