I am always up for an adventure with my wedding couples, be it in the Swiss Alps in the past, or underwater scuba diving in Vanuatu for pre wedding photos – there isn’t much that I haven’t done with clients. So when Hung & Han suggested an outdoor and camping themed shoot – I was more than ready to jump into the 4WD with them and headed down the coast for sunset and night time camping photos.

In 13 years of photographing weddings full time – this was the first ever wedding where I had seen the Bride & Groom created their own traditional Ao Dai for the tea ceremony and for the bridesmaids, her own wedding dress, their own wedding bands, and the plethora of decorations and gifts for the entire day.

This was a whole new level of personal and emotional engagement for the couple to their loved ones, and it was just simply gorgeous to see. I hope this will be a trend in the years to come for future couples.