This wedding was an exhibition in lighting and colours for wedding photography.

I was not able to spend much time with the couple prior to the wedding, as they both live in Brisbane and we only had 2 brief meetings prior to the big day. But I knew that when the day will come, it would be an incredibly fun experience due to the easy going nature of Yazan & Eleen – always ready with a smile and their love for one another always glowed in the photos.

Cultural celebrations in the morning for both bride and groom later gave way to a stunning cinematic photoshoot in the Adelaide CBD at various locations. For over a decade now, my work has always been known for its use of lighting work outdoors and indoors, for a cinematic creation of the wedding day – and today was no exception.

The night came upon us all with the exhilarating drumming from the entertainment group Zaffitt – providing multiple crowd dances throughout the night, and accompanied by cultural singing and dancing from the guests.

I could not have asked for a better wedding to prepare ourselves for a major wedding job in Vietnam in 2 weeks – and to showcase more creative use of lighting and colours as well. See you all in a few weeks!